Tickets and the Marquee

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Stick it in your diary, set yourself a reminder, write it on the back of your hand – do whatever you need to – just don’t forget… for Harmony Camp 2017 go on sale;

10am, 10th of the 10th

We couldn’t make the date easier to remember than this!

When I agreed to take on Harmony Camp for a second year, I felt safe in the knowledge that I had a whole year to prepare and get things sorted.

I was wrong!

Since Harmony Camp 2016 closed, the wheels have been turing at an alarming speed in the background to get all the facilities that we need in place for 2017.  Without knowing costs of the facilities, ticket prices couldn’t be set; which means that the bulk of the planning needed to be done NOW. ARG.

So, what has been going on?

The feedback that you are gave me in the survey from HC16 was invaluable in working out where we could make HC17 even better.  One area that we all know was lacking, was the marquee.  We were blessed with the weather and if we hadn’t have been, there would never have been enough room in the marquee to fit everyone in.

Who knew that marquees were SO expensive?  Ouch.

And during wedding season. Double OUCH.

But look at this beauty!


This is a Roder marquee… and this one pictured is smaller than the one that we have booked.  This is 9 x 9m and we have a 9 x 24m one ready to go. The best thing about it is that it is modular, so if the numbers grow to more than 200, we have already worked with the supplier to add on additional components.

As per last year, the marquee will be set up ready to go on the Wednesday and pulled down on the Monday after camp, so we have use of it for the whole weekend, whatever the weather.

And make use of it we will – the schedule for the weekend is shaping up nicely with further exciting (and I genuinely mean, seriously exciting!) announcements to come over the next few weeks before tickets go on sale.





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