A bit of quiet time?

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We know that tagging until the early hours of the morning isn’t the ideal relaxing holiday experience for everyone, especially for those with little ones. Feedback from those interested in coming in 2017 and even those attendees from 2016 suggested a way forward to make things better for all.

Harmony Camp 2017 will have a separate smaller “quiet camping” area… otherwise known as Harmony Camppp.

andreas-field-2For those who know the site, it’s the accommodation area 2 from 2016 – the fenced off area near to the farm house. There are a limited number of electric hook ups in that area for those who need one too.

This means that all those who are keen on getting a full night’s rest can camp alongside fellow sleep lovers, safe in the knowledge that they wont be woken by a rogue pitch pipe.

When tickets go on sale, look out for the camping options that are marked as “quiet field” and “main field” to ensure that you book the area that you would like to be based for the weekend.

Don’t worry, this is just where your camping pitch will be based, you can wander around any part of the site at any time.

As there is PLENTY of room in the entertainment side of the site where the marquee and fire is, we will be asking all attendees to ‘sing ’til sunrise’ in that area of the site – rather than in the accommodation areas.

We will also be launching the ticket website a couple of weeks before tickets go on sale so that you can familiarise yourself with the range of tickets that are available and work out what you want to book at 10am on the 10th of the 10th.



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