The Tag Teepees Return – TWO days to go!

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thumb_img_3183_1024We all LOVED the Tag Teepees at HCamp16 – two little islands to hang out in with a small gang of friends; we heard many a quartet rehearsal happening inside them!

Although they looked AMAZING with their authentic canvas and wooden pole structure, for the money – they didnt quite provide us with a hole heap of extra “indoor” space that we might have needed if the weather was poor.

‘Continual improvment’ is the name of the game for HCamp17… so the idea of the Tag Teepees stays, but we wanted to find a better way of having some breakout space.


The Tag Teepes v2.0 are born.


We have two of these massive 12 sleeper teepees for HCamp17 – they are 3 meters high, (that’s nearly 10 feet for all you imperial fans) and we have bought them for the same price as it cost to hire the authentic ones last year.

There will be various activites planned for their use throughout the day – including sectional rehearsals for the Youth Chorus.

zacEach Tag Teepee will have a timetable inside it so you can see what activies are planed and when you will be able to book the space at a time that you fancy using them yourself – or just bob along and check them out if you want a change of scenery.

Also inside the Tag Teepees – to help those without the encyclopedic knoweldge of tags like of Sam Hubbard – will be a handy book FULL of original tags writen by BQC, Director of Grand Central Chorus and barbershop arranger, Zac Booles.

At present, Zac’s tag book has 65 tags (and growing!) that have been written over his raft of years in barbershop, many penned after an evening woodshedding with friends.  Zac will be on hand over the weekend to teach you tags and he is happy to woodshed some some new ones to add to the growing collection.

Thank you Zac for sharing your arrangements with us at HCamp 17!

We have one more tag related update for you… stayed tuned… it’s another corker.


Bookings for Harmony Camp 2017 open on Monday at 10am – check out the ticket sales page here now to plan your ticket choice.



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