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Our third and final Tag-tastic update is here….

There were many requests for more organised singing actives in the survey from last year and suggestions of how go about making it happen.  One suggestion from Boo de Bruin was a scratch quartet tag competition – more pacy and less commitment than a full on scratch quartet comp and way more inclusive!

Scratch quartets are always fun, but they rely on people all knowing the same song in a range of parts to allow as many people to take place as possible – normally this is fine when at a convention as there are the host organisations pole cat songs that people can sing together.  However, when we have attendees from three different Barbershop organisations and some attending who aren’t from any of these, then this becomes a bit trickier.

However, with the work of Tim Briggs in his Tag Time sessions, we are able to learn tags as a group which puts us all on equal footing for a bit of a competition.

judgesWhen we talk of competitions, we obviously need judges; lined up for the Scratch my Tag Competition for HCamp17 are:

  • Tim Briggs – having just taught you the tags, who better to ensure that you are singing them correctly?  Tim is the director of Sheffield Harmony, Hallmark of Harmony and sings in quartets The Emerald Guard and Hannah and the Hurricanes.
  • Sam “The Tag Man” Hubbard – if you have stayed up afterglowing at any convention, then you will have come across Sam and his legendary tag book.  This man’s brain is a mind palace filled with chords, music and encyclopedic knowledge of all things barbershop.  He is an experience performer at all levels and has taken to the stage in a whole host of quartets and choruses.
  • Monica Funnell – Monica is a quadruple LQC having recently won her fourth gold singing with Pzazz along with a mixed quartet gold with Double Trouble.  She is the director of two LABBS choruses, Crystal Chords and Severn Harmomy, runs two Got 2 Sing choirs, makes teach tracks and is a LABBS sing judge. Phew!

Registration for the competition will be during the weekend and FREE – you will pick your part and be selected to sing in a random mixed quartet to perform your tag for the judges.  Easy!

For all this fun, singing and good times, you will need to buy your ticket for HCamp17 – they go on sale TOMORROW at 10am HERE.



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