Six months to go!

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Where did the time go? Last time we checked it was October….and now there is just six months to Harmony Camp 2017!

It’s been a busy few months since our last update, mainly with two conventions, a choral festival, appearances on Radio 4 – not to mention everything that Christmas and New Year brings. But, now 2017 is here, we are back on it and we have much to update you on!

Numbers for #HCamp17 are looking strong:

  • Electric hook ups SOLD OUT within 48 hours
  • Quiet field SOLD OUT within 7 days
  • 136 campers
  • 17 Harmony Camp Youth Chorus members
  • 13 doggies

13962647_1101193219973005_7152736562422226973_nAs ever, we have plenty more room on site as we had 199 campers last year and oodles of space to at least double numbers on the field.  It’s been great to see a trickle more bookings over the past couple of weeks as people have started to thing about plans for later this year.

One piece of not so good news; the company lined up to provide the showers this year has decided not to continue to supply them, so we are back to the drawing board there.  We are confident that we will find another supplier, but they may be slightly different to our plans.  We will keep you posted.

Thank you to everyone who has offered their skills in the continued development of Harmony Camp, particularly those who are first aiders and / or DBS checked.  Without your support, the costs for camp and facilities and activities that we can provide would be very different.

I also want to thank the seven people so far who chose to make a donation to the Youth actives for camp when they booked their tickets.  Because of them, we are able to provide additional resources for the Youth Chorus education which will really enhance the education that we will be providing.  If you wish to add a donation, then feel free – just click here and scroll to the bottom – every penny helps!



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