The HC Hoodies are BACK

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Harmony Camp hoodies are back and better than ever.

Last year’s campers loved the Harmony camp hoodies that we had created and in our survey after the event there were many requests to have them again for 2017.

We always like to continue making things better, so not only are the hoodies set for a return we have had a bespoke logo created for the front and on the rear will be a list of all the choruses, quartets, choirs and groups represented by attendees of the 2017 camp.
These names will be taken from your ticket information, but we will distribute a list close to the printing date for all to check over as I know that these things can change over time.

Make sure that you stay warm by the fire in a choice of two colours; red with a black inside of the hood and black with a red inside of the hood.  Each hoodie is £23.99 – Get ordering now!

Last orders for the hoodies is the 23rd of June – but we will email out with a closing date in plenty of time to get any last minute orders in!

Collection will be in person at Harmony Camp at HQ.

We’ve also had a lot of questions recently about when we will be closing ticket sales for the camp – its likely to be at the end of May – certainly after BABS.


There are a number of bits in the planning at the moment, but until we get a better idea of numbers, we cant confirm things because of budget restrictions. We have 142 campers at the moment and I know there are quite a lot of you out there who are yet to book.
Please can I request that you get yourself booked in as soon as you can – then I can get all the exciting things finalised and announced – that’s all the fun stuff!

And finally… news on the showers; we have secured the same shower block as last year, after a new supplier let us down.  Gentle reminder that the flooring can be a little sore on bare feet, so you might want to add some flip flops to the packing list!

Any questions – get in touch!

P.S. – get ordering from our shop page now! 🙂


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