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Wow… it’s busy back at base camp with so many irons in the fire!

Now that we have got enough campers booked in to cover all the basis, it allows me to start making all the exciting plans that add even more fun into Harmony Camp.  As plans firm up then you guys will be the first to know – and believe me, you are going to love them and I think that they are going to come thick and fast!

What is always amazing about organising HCamp is that everyone that comes along is well on board with the “mucking in” ethos; the amount of people who volunteer for roles to help out in various places astounds me.  Because of this, we can have all sorts of things going on that we can all enjoy.

Meet Sharon Eason, wife of Dave who sing bass with Grand Central. They have both been caravanning for years and even hijacked a rally for their wedding! Sharon also runs a website for new caravanners and campers featuring easy to cook meals without resorting to tins. Definitely worth a bookmark!

Not only is Sharon an excellent camper to have as a neighbour to get your camping cooking tips from, but she is running our very own “Quartet Boules” league.

The basic rules of Boules (the French version of bowls) are fairly simple; you throw a small ball called a jack and the closest ball wins the point. We will have teams of four, rather than two as you would in regular boules and if the budget stretches that far, we might even have a prize!

You will be able to register to play “Quartet Boules” when you arrive at camp – but just turn up to the session on Friday and join in the fun.



We have sold over 40 hoodies this year with our fantastic new logo on them and now is the time to get those last orders in as we have to get them to the hoodie company by June 23rd… just over two weeks away.

On the front will be the logo and on the back is a list of all the singing groups (both barbershop and non barbershop!) that are

represented by the attendees of camp. We make this list up from the details that you have provided when you booked in.

As we know that things can change, we are checking to ensure that the information that we have for your group is accurate. Check out the list here to ensure your club will be on the hoodies and that it is spelt correctly!

Email us at to make any ammendments.  We cannot accept ammendments any other way.

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Quick updates:

  • Guided walks have just ONE place left.  Book here
  • Plenty of kids free places on the circus skills workshop – you do need to book in advance! Book here
  • Some places left on the Adult circus skills workshop at £5 for the hour. Book here
  • 212 campers
  • with Day trippers and service providers etc, we have 224 people…. with a current max of 250.

Basically ONLY 26 places left.


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