We’ve doubled your beer rations!

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Increased numbers of attendees and the feedback from the quick beer pole on Facebook means that we are doubling our beer rations from last year’s camp. You are welcome.

Local North Coltswold Brewery will be delivering:

Friday 11th August
 – Furkin (72 pints) of Bards Best 4.2%  – A Golden ale, vibrant, hoppy with subtle hints of citrus
 – Furkin of Shagweaver (the one we had last year) 4.5% – A pale hoppy refreshing ale made with New Zealand hops. Appeals to both ale and lager drinkers, also great with spicy food.
 – 30 pints of Celtic Warrior cider 5.5% – A rounded sweet cider with an aroma of fresh apple juice.


Saturday 12th August
 – Furkin of Bards Best
 – Furkin of Shagweaver
 – 30 pints of Happy Daze 4.5%  – A fruity, appley aroma with a well balance finish.  A light and very easy to drink medium cider.
 If you are wondering what the drinks plans are for Thursday night – hold tight – we have exciting plans!
 We are also happy to announce that we are holding the same prices for the beer and cider as we had last year – despite the chancellors best endeavours to increase them.

Just £2 a pint and £1 per half pint.  

Always drink responsibly.

As per last year, we invite you to bring your own glass and help yourself at the honesty bar – just pop your cash in the money box.

Don’t have a suitable receptacle? Never fear, check out new bespoke range of harmony camp glass wear – yours to keep from just £5 with collection on arrival at camp!

Quick updates and links:

  • Limited tickets are now back on sale after a brief period of being sold out – we have sourced more facilities to support the increased numbers.  BOOK NOW.
  • Advertising opportunities are available for the A4, 8 page, welcome pack which each person will receive on arrival.  Costs are £20 for a quarter page, £30 for a half page and £50 for a full page.  First come first served – ideal for CD sales, coaching, shows, teach tracks and much more! Hello@harmonycampuk.co.uk 
  • All guided walks are SOLD OUT
  • All spa treatments are SOLD OUT
  • Closing date to order hoodies is next Friday 23rd June – just before LABBS prelims
  • Check your chorus / quartet / choir / group name is correct for printing here.
  • Book your FREE child’s circus skills class, or adults for just £5
  • Youth Chorus members will have received the link to download all the learning material for the youth chorus.  If not, contact HCYC@harmonycampuk.co.uk – thanks to HB Teachtracks
  • If you want to start learning songs, check out the HC pole cat from 2016 which we will be adding to this year, just waiting on the paperwork and permissions!



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