July Update

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Oh boy – 40 days to go… really? ARG!

It’s all systems go at HCHQ and this update is all about some of the little bits we have been working on in the background to make everyones experience that little bit better – grab a brew.. it’s a long one.

As an aside, we’re off to Vegas to support the Brits at the BHS international convention next week – so if we are are slightly slower at getting back to any queries – apologies!

It’s not a long way to the nearest town to pick up supplies or grab some cash, but with SO much going on at camp you might not want to leave the site.  If that’s the case, we are pleased to say that we are now able to provide you with the Harmony Camp cash machine!

We will have limited cash on site but for when we do and you need it for cocktails, beer or cider, then we can help.  Paypal charges 2.75% on each transaction, so we charge the same.

  • £10 – £10.28
  • £20 – £20.55
  • £30 – £30.83
  • £40 – £41.11
  • £50 – £51.38

Our card machine accepts all cards (including American Express), contactless and chip and pin.

Those of us who where there last year will know that we had the luxury toilet trailer on site and one extra “portaloo” style toilet.  This year, we are sticking with the luxury trailer but adding in more of the portaloos to make like easier for all.

By the main toilet block will be a unisex flat floored disabled toilet and baby changing facility to ensure that anyone with any access concerns with the steps to the luxury toilets are catered for and the rising number of barbertots have got facilities to use.

Another portaloo will be in the quiet camping area and a third will be down near the fire so it’s not a long walk to the main toilet block for the girls or a short walk to the bushes for the boys.

We have booked in twice the number of services as last year.

We will be providing a dedicated washing up area for communal use.  There will be a washing up stand available plus a hot water urn and washing up liquid (dog not included).

You still need to bring your own bowl and cloth.

Depending on the weather, up to three sizes of the gazeebo can be put in place to protect us from the wind, rain or ideally just the sunshine!


We are working hard on releasing the HCamp17 pole cats… YES pural.  You wanted more singing, you get more singing.

It’s taken some time to clear our main new one for this year with the publishers, but after some tips from Delyth Knight, we are cleared and nearly ready to launch!

HBTeachTracks are in the process of making tracks for three of them and thanks to volunteers, Lisa Robathan, Liz Smith and Kate Shipway, we will have the dots in the same key as the tracks.

We also have a big iron in the fire when it comes to a fourth new song for this year…. standby!

Get a head start by learning the 2016 pole cat – download the tracks and music here.

With a HUGE last minute rush for hoodies, we will have more than 80 to hand out when you check in.  The manufacturers now have the final artwork for the front and back and will be making the bulk of them next week!

Nearly 40 glasses and tankards have also been sold, so again, our manufacture “All That Glitters”  has already started work on hand making each one.


Orders will close Friday 21st July – order here.

Quick updates and links:

  • Limited tickets are now back on sale after a brief period of being sold out – we have sourced more facilities to support the increased numbers.  BOOK NOW.
  • Advertising opportunities for the welcome book are now closed.  Thank you to our sponsors who have raised enough funds to pay for our printing and design costs.
  • Closing date to order your HCamp beer and wine glasses is 21st July.  Order here.
  • Book your FREE child’s circus skills class, or adults for just £5
  • Youth Chorus members will have received the link to download all the learning material for the youth chorus.  If not, contact HCYC@harmonycampuk.co.uk – thanks to HB Teachtracks

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