The Bunting is back!

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Those of you who came to camp last year will have admired our HUGE string of harmony camp bunting that was created by a member of each group that attended camp, to represent their quartet, chorus or choir.

Congratulations to the ladies quartet, the DeciBelles on their winning entry and to the Horchover family for their highly commended entry.

This year – the bunting is back.

We have a HUGE big top to decorate so there is plenty of space to hang even more of your fantastic creative bunts.




  • Its not obligatory – if your group doesn’t want to participate, that’s cool.
  • If you want to ask someone to make your bunt for you – that’s also cool
  • If you made one last year, you are equally as welcome to make a new one as anyone else.
  • Please use the template below to create your bunt so that they are all vaguely the same size
  • If there are loads of you from one chorus then feel free to create more than one bunt to represent your group.
  • If you still want to get even more creative, then why not make a generic barbershop or Harmony Camp bunt?
  • You may want to include the year – but you don’t have to.
  • It can be a simple as a old t shirt being cut up and written on with a Sharpie through to a seamed, quilted, appliqué, crocheted, knitted, weaved type affair.
  • Please fold over the top edge of your bunt and sew / stick down just the edge to create a tube that we can pass the cord through that strings them all together. Please don’t completely stick the folded edge down, otherwise we wont be able to include your bunt in our decorations.

Bunt template


  • Grab a piece of A4 paper and measure 1.5 inches from the top and fold down.
  • Fold the paper in half length wise, crease and unfold
  • Fold the long sides in diagonally from the folded down top corner and the creased centre line to make the point.
  • This is the approximate finished size that we would like your bunts, so if you are looking to seam yours, then please allow extra around the edge to neaten off.


Those with eagle eyes will have also spotted that our third pole cat for this year is now on the attendees page.

Take a listen to the full mix here:

We are also excited to announce that we will soon be taking delivery of a fourth new HCamp polecat, especially commissioned for this year – lyrics and music written by camp attendee Tyler Wigginton.

Tyler joined us last year from the USA, piggy backing a trip to camp off the back of a prestigious composition competition held in Germany.

As a gift to all at HCamp this year – he has penned an entirely new mixed accapella arrangement based on his experiences at camp.

We are pleased to say that Tyler will be joining us again at camp this year as he travelling across to Germany to see if he can beat last year’s second place ranking in the composition competition.

We all know how costly it is to get across the Atlantic – so if you feel inclined to say “thanks” for the bespoke arrangement, check out his Go Fund me page to add a few pounds to his travel fund.

Good luck Tyler!!

We have taken delivery of 83 bespoke Harmony Camp hoodies and we are so pleased with how they look!

After feedback from last year, we have got lighter ones so that they are wearable in all weathers!

Thanks to Jo Braham for collecting them and being our model!

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