On your marks, get set, GET PACKING

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From the chatter on the Facebook page, it seems like many of you have spent the weekend airing out the tents and packing everything, including the camping sink.  It’s very exciting to see so many of you raring to go.

We are crossing the “T”s and dotting the “I”s back at HCamp HQ and we *think* that we are ready after a rather manic final week. We arrive on Wednesday to set up camp – so if we are less responsive to messages then than normal, please bear with us. If you have any questions – ask now if you can.

Here is a summary of the information we think that you are going to need for your planning:

Address: Hampton House Farm, Combrook Road, Kineton, CV35 0JH

  • PLEASE don’t just navigate via the postcode, you will end up at the wrong farm
  • Check out the directions and arrivals page on the website for detailed info and pics.
  • Check in at HQ when you arrive to exchange your ticket for your wristband and your welcome pack.

Things to pack which you might forget:

  • Flip flops for the showers – as the non slip flooring can be a little painful on delicate feet
  • Lots of pound coins to pop into the pop for cocktails, beer and cider
  • Sun screen and wellies – we have a bit of everything weather wise planned for the weekend!
  • Large towel for the showers and toiletries as none are provided
  • If you are attending the meditation sessions, bring something to sit on
  • If you are attending the crft sessions, any wool / sequins etc you wish to use (all are provided)
  • For those going on the guided walk, suitable walking attire
  • Chair, table, lamp for the quiz and other evening activities (we do have some seating, lighting and tables, but not enough for all).
  • You might want to also bring your swimwear as we have got a little swimming pool to add to the communal facilities!
  • If you have a hook up, please bring the longest cable that you have available.

Keep an eye on Facebook and your inbox over the next couple of days for the latest hair brained scheme that we have been working on in the background to keep you entertained on your journey to camp.

But most of all, have a safe journey, stay well and see you there!
This is HCamp HQ updates signing off for 2017.




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