Facilities & Utilities

If you are anything like us, the thought of roughing it doesn’t equal a good holiday! All these facilities and utilities are included in the price of your stay.


Toilets will be provided in the form of posh chemical flushing toilets with hand basins and running water.




Portable shower facilities with hot water are provided.

showers transhowers-3

  • Quite possibly the most luxurious gas operated mobile shower units available.
  • Shower trailers have four separate, private cubicles
  • each cubicle is individually insulated for warmth
  • Each cubicle has a separate drying/changing area
  • Constant warm water, thermostatically set to the ideal temperature
  • All fittings and safety features moulded in for ease of cleaning
  • Caters for up to 400 people per day

From feedback from 2016, it’s wise to wear water proof shoes in the showers as the matting used on the floor can be painful to stand on with bare feet.

There are also no hooks inside the showers, so its worth taking a plastic bag in with you.


Water / Washing up

Water is available on site through a number of drinking water taps in the field.  This is unlimited – feel free to bring a water barrel to fill up and take to your accommodation for ease.

A hot water urn will be available in the marquee for teas and coffees and can be used for washing up hot water.

There will be a washing up area – but you will need to bring your own bowl



There are electric hook ups on site at a cost of £15 for the weekend. We will be using splitters to increase the capacity of electric hook ups – so please bring a long outdoor hook up cable as you have available so that there is a good distance between you and your neighbour. Hook up cables will not be provided.


As with all hook ups on camp sites, they don’t take a huge amount of load per hook up – so the use of hair dryers and other power hungry equipment may be limited.

If overloaded the hook up will trip out, by these is easily rest set on the hookup post or in the barn on site.





A large communal camp fire will be provided along with a trailer full of wood. This is included in the cost of the weekend and / or your day pass.



A large big top will be provided which will be suitable to house us all if the weather is bad. This has removable sides so can act as a sunshade or rain shelter depending on what the British summer wants to throw at us.



Yep – loads of it. After you have set up for the weekend, you will be asked to move your car into the parking area.  This is for safety, to protect your vehicles and to ensure that there is plenty of pitching room in the accommodation area.